About Me!

All about me, Snoutface and all questions relating to your order.

How do I order?

Choose your design, then pick your accessory, whether you want clog charms, lace charms, earrings or more. Everything is on here.

If you're looking for customs, you can upload your image or drop me a message after ordering. All design ideas are welcome!

(please note orders of 100+ charms are currently processed via a private listing so please message to arrange)

How much will it be?

Custom prices start from £7 but get cheaper the more you buy. Simply choose your product and flick through the quantity box to see how the price decreases when you add more. Bulk pricing on clog/lace charms & pins are as follows:

21-49 charms £2.25 each

50-99 charms £2.15 each

100+ charms £2 each

What are your dispatch times?

Dependent on quantity purchased, dispatch times are as follows:

1-10 items : 2-5 working days

10-100 items: 4-10 working days

100+ items: 7-10 working days

I will advice you of an approximate dispatch times once payment is received, and if purchasing 20+ items I will provide tracking info when dispatched.

What are your items made from?

The main component is made from shrink plastic that I print onto. I coat with resin which makes them scratch proof and wipe clean This makes them super durable.

Because I effectively make a plastic charm before attaching a shoe charm buckle, or drilling a hole for earrings, they can be turned into ANYTHING. I make a variety of products at the moment, but I always like to accommodate new ideas. Drop me a message for further info.

Earrings are made using hypoallergenic hooks but if you're super sensitive, let me know and I'll provide Sterling Silver/Titanium for free :)

Can I order any design?

YES! All customs are welcome, you can have any image/photo. I also use photoshop to edit those images myself (they all require editing to be printed onto the plastic I use anyway) and can come up with your own unique designs too. Currently there's no fee for new designs.

Can I see an example before I order?

There's lots of examples of custom orders in the gallery, on my Instagram or on the listing's images so I wont make your order before purchasing. But if you're looking to order in bulk, you're welcome to pay £3.00 for a sample with pics or you can pay regular prices to have a sample in the post.

I lost my shoe charm, will you replace it?

If you've lost your charm within the first two weeks of receiving it, I am happy to replace it free of charge. However everything I make is handmade, and is decorative only so there is a risk, in time, it will fall out of your shoe/break so I'm unable to offer replacements. If you have lost your charm and would like an exact replacement, please drop me a message for a 30% discount code.